Our school environment is that of a bright and cheerful home, where parents, teachers, students, and staff treat each other as members of a Christian family.  Older students are role models to the younger ones.  Everybody lives responsible freedom.  The atmosphere of serious study, work and discipline is within a family spirit of generous self-giving, sincerity, trust, friendship, and care.

Our school is a learning community that is dynamic, innovative and caring.  We set increasingly high standards of performance based on research and study in an atmosphere of warmth, mutual trust, respect, and openness.

Our parents are first and foremost educators of their children.  Their home is the first school.  Realizing the seriousness of their responsibility, they participate in formative activities that enable them to live as models of wisdom and virtue.  In communion with all PAREF parents, they build truly Christian homes, cells of a great society.

Our parents recognize the primacy of their role as parents and first educators of their own children. They actively participate in their continuous formation.  They value teachers as their partners in the integral formation of their children.  They demonstrate initiative, generosity, and constancy in all aspects of parent involvement. Consequently, they contribute towards an effective home-school collaboration.

Our students are pious and with a sporting spirit, are honed in the sciences and the arts, and equipped with leadership and interpersonal skills.  They serve others, especially the needy.  Their zest for learning and virtue is driven by a personal vision of their role in the community, which stems from love of God and a sense of responsibility for the gifts they have received.

Our students uphold the ideals of a Christian.  They have strength of character; and are disciplined, responsible, diligent, and truthful. They are protagonists of their own learning. They pursue excellence in everything they do, actualizing their unique potentials.  They lead to serve, driven by their genuine desire to reach out to others.  Their coherent lives are a constant source of inspiration to all.

PAREF realizes that its best contribution to the community, to the nation and to the world is the gift of well-formed and principled people.

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